Update (1 June 2021)

Five Reasons You’ll See Less of Me in June

01 My house is being renovated. We are in one of the busiest weeks in the renovation schedule. My workflow is not as predictable right now. I am less focused.

02 I am shifting gears this month to write and produce my next Skillshare class (about colour). I will be dedicating my writing time to this topic. I may post here less frequently as a result.

03 Thankfully, client work requests are on the upswing. Things are getting back to normal for me. I’m getting some pretty interesting projects too! I’m doing my best to take these on while remembering my main goal this year of writing this book!

04 As the result of the above, plus my general tendency to get stuck when I don’t have a clear view of what to do next, my progress with the book (about the creative process) has come to a standstill.

05 I am expecting June to be a pretty busy month. I am holding myself to a lower standard with writing on this blog and with the book until July.

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