Image by Tom Froese @drawingismportant

Requiem for an Emoji

Tom Froese
Oct 20, 2022


A sign of validation
A hitchhikers plea
Half of a critic’s highest praise
Or disapproval when pointed at one’s feet

Once embodied in flesh
Now in a flash of RGB
Once mined for self-esteem
Now makes instant enemy

A digit made of flesh
Now digital, thumbed in keys
Opposable, now disposable
What separates man from beast

Sounds good, Gotcha
Yes, Affirmative, Agreed
The opposite of Boo
A quick send, an easy read?

What’s up is down
Abused, misused,
Now ranks among the disused
One, two, three, four
We declared a thumb war
Our little soldiers of goodwill and cheer
Will now be laid to rest
Now best parallel to our wrist
Perhaps curled around our fist
Thumbs up, time’s up
You’re on the cancelled list.



Tom Froese

Illustrator. Creatively Empowering Teacher/Speaker. Represented by Making Pictures/UK & Dot Array/USA. Top Teacher on @skillshare.