Image by Tom Froese @drawingismportant

Requiem for an Emoji

Tom Froese
Oct 20, 2022


A sign of validation
A hitchhikers plea
Half of a critic’s highest praise
Or disapproval when pointed at one’s feet

Once embodied in flesh
Now in a flash of RGB
Once mined for self-esteem
Now makes instant enemy

A digit made of flesh
Now digital, thumbed in keys
Opposable, now disposable
What separates man from beast

Sounds good, Gotcha
Yes, Affirmative, Agreed
The opposite of Boo
A quick send, an easy read?

What’s up is down



Tom Froese

Illustrator. Creatively Empowering Teacher/Speaker. Represented by Making Pictures/UK & Dot Array/USA. Top Teacher on @skillshare.