My New Skillshare Class: The One-Palette Illustrator

Discover How Colour Works in Your Art

Some of you might remember when I posted here every day. In June, I abandoned ship to write and produce my next Skillshare class.

I’m pleased to say that I’ve finally launched it! I’ve included a link to the promo video, below, and of course, you can just go directly to the class here (new members get 1 month of free Premium membership using this link).

Also: the first 10 people to use the link at the bottom of this article will be able to take my class for FREE, without a Premium membership!

The premise of the class is that, in order to become more confident and consistent with your colours in your illustration, you need to limit how many you use across your work.

I was driven to write this class because I saw a gap between the knowledge of colour theory and the ability to apply it with confidence and efficacy. You can know a lot about colour theory and have all kinds of resources like colour books, Pantone swatches, and colorimeters, but none of this will make you more brilliant at choosing and using colour. I’ve written about this before.

I wanted to write a class that bridged this gap between colour theory and colour confidence. My aim is to empower illustrators to hone and trust their own colour sense more in their own work.

After countless hours of writing, recording, editing, and self-doubting, I’m pleased to finally just hit publish and send this out into the world. It was a tough class to make, and it’s not perfect in every way, but I’m proud of it, and I believe it will truly help illustrators overcome some of their own struggles in working with colour in their own work.

My way of working with colour is just one possibility, and that is what I have to offer in all my classes. I cannot teach from anybody else’s perspective, or teach anyone else’s approach. This is especially true of colour — which is just about as subjective as it comes in the already-very-subjective world of art and illustration!

If you are looking for fresh ways of approaching colour in your illustration or design, please be sure to check out my class. When you do, please be sure to rate and review on Skillshare — I always value your feedback!

As a gift to my Medium readership, I am offering 10 Free Access Links to take the class without a Premium membership. Get on this — the links expire at the end of October 2021, and when they’re gone, that’s it!