It’s Not Too Late to #Inktober

The Ides of Inktober is a Chance for Procrastinators to Join in this Exciting Creative Challenge

Tom Froese
8 min readOct 11, 2023

It’s already the middle of October, and you still haven’t started your #Inktober project. At this point it feels like it’s too late, so why bother, right?

Well, first of all, you’re not alone! Even I—the guy who teaches that Drawing Is Important—am in the same boat. I wanted to do an #Inktober series of posts for Instagram but time got away from me. But what if it was okay to just do half of Inktober? Isn’t that better than nothing?


I’ll answer for you. Yes, of course it’s better than nothing!

Let me introduce The Ides of Inktober. I would like you to join me in getting back on the wagon and drawing one thing every day for the last half of October.

Fun historical fact: While today the Ides of March (March 15) is notorious for being the day on which Julius Caesar was assassinated, in ancient Rome, it was the annual deadline for settling debts. You can think of The Ides of Inktober as a day of paying yourself back for missing out on the first half of this month’s famous drawing challenge.



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