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Tom Froese

I Wrote My First Outline!

This is just a quick check-in about progress on the book. I spent this morning’s writing time taking my first stab at a rough book outline. I’m pleased to say it went well.

When I sat down this morning, I had the same thought I have most mornings these days: when am I actually going to start writing this book? Not just posting these posts, not just thinking about writing. Not just writing about writing. When am I going to step into the actual process of writing this book, for real!?

I grabbed my copy of The Essential Guide to…

Reconstruction of my early days as a designer

Part One: Discovering The Importance of the Brief

In the beginning, I discovered design. Commercial art. Being creative for a living. I was working as a tech at a small company in Toronto, and since I was the “young fella” who was “good with computers”, I was also the de facto graphic designer.

There were all sorts of unmentionably bad brochures and website designs. We don’t have to go there today. My first real experience trying my hand as a graphic designer was when my employer started a new company and needed more full time support on the creative side. I was the guy.

I went from tech…

How do you know where to start?
Or if you’re starting out right?
You just don’t know.
So just start here, now.
You will know more
(and more)

Why It’s Important to Listen to Your Inner Naysayer

This may seem controversial, but self-doubt should not be completely ignored. We are often told that self doubt is the enemy of creativity, and that the only reasonable thing to do is to ignore it, to blast through it.

But here’s a thought. Self-doubt is a voice, a necessary part of our inner dialogue. Self-doubt balances us out, protects us from overconfidence. It can be like a good friend who always tells us like it is. Sometimes that friend goes overboard and should learn to bite their tongue once in a while. …

Committing to a Topic for My Book

Today, I am making a big decision. A few days ago, I laid out three possible directions for my book, and today, I am going to choose one to move forward with. Enough of this procrastination! It’s time to just practice what I preach and commit to one thing and get it done.

My directions were 1) a book about style, 2) a book about the creative process, and 3) a book about mindset. Today, after some thought, and hearing from some of you, I believe it is right to go with door number 2.

The creative process is a…

If we want to get paid for our art, we must make art that others will pay attention to.

The idea of interestingness seems rather subjective, like beauty or even of art itself. If this is true, there may be no purpose in a discussion of, say, what makes something interesting or not (unless you are high or in a high school philosophy class. Or both).

But interestingness is of utmost importance for artists, especially commercial artists, whose art must capture and hold attention for at least a little while. If we are not making images that are interesting, we are making them in vain.

Case in point: when you were scrolling through Instagram this morning, what made you…

Sometimes I declare that I won’t do something, and then immediately after I go and do exactly that thing. Like this morning, when someone asked if I could make a video on the business part of illustration, I said:“I hope not to disappoint you, but there is no easy ‘here are the 7 steps to start a business as an illustrator’ type tips.”

But then I had to write something on this blog. So, here are 7 tips to start a business as an illustrator. Fair warning, though: I don’t believe there are shortcuts to being an artist for a…

It’s time to start writing this book already! Here are 3 possible starting points.

I’ve been treating this blog as though it’s the whole point, but really, it’s just a tool for working out what my book will be about! What is the book going to be about? What topics are closest to me? What comes out when I just write? What are my recurring themes and ideas? Which ones resonate most with my audience?

Today, in my paper journal, I thought through some of the possibilities for my book. It’s time to start focusing on a topic and finding my message from there. …

Entrepreneur and guru of hustle Gary Vaynerchuk says NFT’s are gonna be big, especially for artists. While he warns that they are currently in a bubble reminiscent of the dot-com bubble of the early 2000s, he seems pretty certain they are going to change everything.

NFTs — non-fungible tokens—are the latest tech craze, alongside other crypto technology like Bitcoin, Etherium, and a slough of so-called Altcoins (smaller cryptocurrencies vying for a place in the emerging market). What are they? Honestly, even after literally making my own NFT this week, I still can’t say for sure what they are. …

Just a Few Books that Fuel My Creativity as an Illustrator

As an illustrator, there have been many, many children’s books that have caught my eye. Children’s picture books are one of the most inspiring uses of illustration. It always brings out the best qualities in artists: playfulness, simplicity, and a sense of joy.

Here are just a few books I have turned to again and again for inspiration. This is just a quick list: I encourage you to check them out for yourself!

Seasons by Blexbolex

Enchanted Lion Books, 2010

What I love about this book: gorgeous, playful, and sometimes strange illustrations made using ingenious collage and printmaking techniques. …

Tom Froese

Illustrator. Creatively Empowering Teacher/Speaker. Represented by Making Pictures/UK & Dot Array/USA. Top Teacher on @skillshare.

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